Individual Insurance

Individual health insurance plans are designed to protect individuals, families, or children in the event of accidents or illness. When most people think of health insurance, they think of the plans and packages that are available from a group plan offered by their employer. These group insurance plans are available to help a large group of people obtain insurance protection when employees cannot afford the high costs of paying for health care treatments and procedures. There are many people that do not fit into this standard model of selecting insurance and these people search for private insurance coverage.

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The main difference between group coverage and individual insurance is the underwriting process. Instead of selecting customized packages offered by employers, individuals are personally insured under their own policy. Individual plans can be customized and different limits of coverage can be added to the individual health insurance. A single person can include insurance coverage that is tailored to their specific needs and families can design a plan that includes the right coverage for all members of the family. The individual insurance quote considers the entire health history of the individual or the family and is personally underwritten for approval.

Many people seek out individual health insurance plans. Workers that are self-employed and have no company assisted health care plan available choose an individual policy for insurance protection. As insurance costs continue to rise, more self-employed persons and individuals are exploring the option of individual insurance protection for themselves or their family. One of the most common reasons for bankruptcy is due to the overwhelming costs of medical treatments, rehabilitation, and long-term care for individuals or a member of their family. Self-employed workers or individuals without an employer offered insurance plan depend on individual health insurance.

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